Progress: project #3

Look what I did tonight.

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Project #3: Gathered Table Runner

Project #2 is coming along swimmingly. I have my squares completed. The next step has to do with blocks. I have some reading to do. Also, in late July I will be taking a machine quilting class... and I need to learn that to finish this project. So, to keep the momentum going: a table runner.

I saw this tutorial a while ago and haven't forgotten it. Gathering? I can do that. I'll keep you updated.

I picked out this gorgeous combination of blues, greens, and ivory from Hydrangeas by Sue Zipkim. This was our color scheme for our wedding, so I'm partial to it.


Figuring It Out

I'm not so good at math. When I took the GRE for library school, I excelled at the logic portion, but math and spatial reasoning? I'm strictly remedial.

The whirligig pattern calls for cutting the 3x3.5 rectangle at an angle. You might be surprised how long it took me to figure out how to cut 1.5" from the right to 2.5 to the left (I'm writing this without the pattern in front of me.).

My solution? Painters tape on my cutting board with pen marking the spots to place my ruler.

It might not be perfect, but it worked. If you have tips, I would love to read them.

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Today's Lesson Learned

It matters when the seams match up. You can see the square on the right has all four sections lined up -- I paid attention to the seams as I was sewing the two sides together.