Sharon Gets a New Machine

In 2007 I got my first Janome sewing machine.  I'd been itching for one -- I wanted to make pillows and  other things for our home.  And I did.  My Decor 2007 really served it's purpose.  It's a good machine.

Then last year I got the quilting bug.  I did what I could with my machine, but it had it's limitations.  So I started looking at other sewing machines.  I looked at Consumer Reports (not too helpful, it was out of date), I looked at a lot of sewing and quilting blogs and the one Janome everyone talked about was the Janome 7700.  If Bernina machines are the Mercedes-Benz of sewing machines, the Horizon is an Audi.  Lower key, less money, but a well-made machine.  During last summer's shop hop, I found the Horizon at various stores and looked at it with envy.

What did I like about it?  The work area between machine and needle is 7 inches.  No more squishing things up.  I knew how to use a Janome, I just needed a friendlier environment.  A better sewer could handle the DC2007, I'm sure.

It has front wheel drive... that's what I call it.  I'm sure it's called something else.  The feed dogs just sort of take the fabric and drive it through. It's a wonder.

Isn't it pretty?

And look at that plate!  I think it is virtually impossible for me to mess up a 1/4" seam with this machine (operator error has been reduced to 25%).  It has markings in every direction!   Gorgeous.

So, since last summer I've been looking at this machine from afar.  In March, I went down to my favorite Janome dealer and asked about the machine.  She showed me the features and I fell in love with it all over again.  The bobbin pretty much feeds itself.  You have to place it in the holder, secure the thread, but press a button twice, and viola, threaded.  I didn't buy it then.  I wanted to tell my dear husband about it.  DH is fiscally frugal and wanted me to wait.  I was disappointed, but determined.  I may have to forgo my designer hair, but I was determined to get this machine.

I did.  Memorial Day weekend.  It's beautiful and has the ability to do more than I'll ever understand.  I love my new machine and look forward to using it!

The Janome Horizon doesn't need a foot pedal to sew... press the start button, the machine goes.  Press the stop button, it stops.  Done, press the scissors button, the threads get cut.  I love this machine.