Love It, So I Pinned It: Windy Days

Moda Bake Shop. It's a great site, isn't it?  I visit the blog once a week for inspiration.  Not just to get ideas, but to inspire me to continue the journey of quilting.  I love the creativity of the men and women who come up with these "quilting recipes."

Several months ago (May 2011), I ran across this quilt.  I love it.  Why? I love the white space. I adore the pinwheels.    The town I live in is known for windmills; in its heyday it had three windmill manufacturers... there are windmills everywhere in the city.  I'd like to do my part and put some windmills on a quilt.  When I created my Basics quilt, I struggled with half-square triangle, but I persevered.  (Here is the pinwheel square I created for that Basics class.)

But back to the Windy Days Quilt... it's still on my to do list, and according to my Pinterest account, I've pinned this particular quilt some time last year.  Better get on it!
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I love that white space!