Amish with a Twist: Block of the Month Project

The first time I saw the quilt pattern Amish with a Twist. I wanted to make it. I love the big, bold graphic colors.  The quilt top was just hanging in a store.  I didn't know anything about it, I just knew I needed it.

I went back to that quilt shop and it was gone.  I had a little panic, but found it as a  kit.  I was still taking my basics class and knew I wasn't ready for it.  Not then anyway.

While I was looking for a new project to start, I searched Block of the Month projects. I wanted to start a block of the month project to get in the groove of having projects in various stages of completion.  We'll see if I can stay organized ...

In my search, Amish with a Twist came popping up.  It was fresh and new about two years ago, but there are still several online shops that still offer it.  I elected to do the original black pattern, though there were other options (I really like the grey one...).

There are twelve blocks plus sashing and a lesson in applique separated in five parts.

Amish with a Twist

My first month's packet came last weekend. In the packet were the first three blocks and the fabric.  I started my first project: rail fence.

Here are the little strips all lined up and ready to sew...
I'll post a picture of the completed square.