Project #2: Whirligig Baby Quilt

I've decided on my next quilt. The criteria for this quilt is that I have to follow directions.  My first quilting experience was to learn and explore.  Now that I know this is something I like and would like to get better at, my next step, in my opinion, is to follow directions.  There seems to be way too much math involved in this art form for me to wing it.

So.  I've been reading quilting blogs and looked at countless books on the modern quilting movement.  I like the look of the "modern" quilt, although the definition of modern quilting is never completely defined.  I know what I like though.

Fabric.  Why is fabric always the easiest part?  Except that I want to start more than one project at a time.  This, I think, is a common problem.  So, the fabric I'm going to use in project #2 is the Bliss line of Moda products.  It comes in a layer cake and I love it.  I purchased said layer cake along with some coordinating fabrics before I knew what I wanted... except to say that I knew that I wanted the Bliss line of Moda fabrics.  So, I think I did this backwards.  But, see, I learned something.

While looking at blogs I somehow found myself on the When Eight Create blog.  They recently posted the Whirligig Quilt and it looked like the perfect "first" quilt.  It's made with a layer cake: check.  It's smaller so manageable, check.  I just needed some white fabric.  Easy.

So, I've made the decision. In the process, I've bookmarked about six other quilts I think are my style.  And I found another pattern I liked at the fabric store and some stunning fabric I must -- no really -- must have.

Breathe.  And follow directions.  That's it for now.

Oh, I also ran across a pledge to Blog the Process.  Easy.  It's sort of what I've been doing.  But I Took the Process Pledge.

The Process Pledge