Thinking for Myself

I started project #2 last night. After practicing the instructions on a piece of paper, I started cutting my layer cake blocks based on what was written on the blog. After cutting about nine blocks, I started thinking that maybe I was cutting too much fabric.

I emailed the creator of my new fancy blogs. It was true, I was cutting way too much fabric. Instead of 3-3 inch strips, she wanted 1-3 inch strip. Now I have to decide if my quilt will have two or three whirligigs of the same fabric, or restart and have different whirligigs.

One of things I've discovered about quilting is that you can do what you want.... it doesn't matter. I haven't met the quilting police, but I've read they exist. I do think that if I set up these blocks in a pattern, it will be okay that the fabric is repeated.

Don't look now, but I think I learned something.