130 Mini Quilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe

I found this book at the library this week. It's wonderful.  130 Mini Quilt Blocks : a Collection of Exquisite Patchwork Blocks Using Ready-made Fabric Bundles by Susan Briscoe.  

It's pretty much what the title says it is.  Blocks are organized into sections ( Almost Amish, English Traditions, Thrift Thirties, Retro Revival and others).  Each block has been leveled (from 1 to 3 pins) and indicates if the block is patchwork or appliqued.

Here is the block I'm currently working on: (I wish I could get Blogger to change the direction of these pics.  My file has it the correct way, Blogger switched it up on me.)

You'll note that this block has a skill level of 2 pins. Had I seen this book, I might have looked for an easier project. (Probably not.)

I think this is a wonderful reference book to have on hand. I will be purchasing a copy for myself.

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