Where I Sew

Five years ago I told my husband I needed a place of my own. It didn't happen and didn't happen ... and ... I blamed him. Then I started sewing. And 2011 became the Year I Try To Quilt. Now, finally, a purpose for my room.

This weekend I tackled it. It wasn't hard but took lots of shredding and organizing. I just finished with it and I'm really pleased. It faces west and I love that room.

The Ikea table holds the sewing machine and lots of room to hold material and projects. A plastic storage unit is underneath as well.

Repurposed shelves holds the start of my stash a filing cabinet has misc stuff.

My work table is another Ikea purchase.  There are shelves down there for books, paper patterns, my sewing box, and my cutting mat is as big as the table top!  It's a good spot!

I'm so happy this room finally has a focus and I finally have A Place of My Very Own.

It's my first.

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