The Basics -- Dutchman's Puzzle

I just finished my Basics Quilt Class.  Here's one of the squares I learned to construct ...
The square: Dutchman's Puzzle
Why it's a Basic:  It's the Flying Geese in a 4-patch construction.
What I learned: Well, if you don't embrace precise 1/4" seams and precise cutting, you'll be cutting more fabric.
What I like about this square: Start at the middle of the block -- work your way out.  Do you see it?  The pinwheel?  That's what I like.
What I don't like:  Without offense to my friends of Dutch descent, I call it Dutchman's Revenge.  It's very tedious and precise.  And it took me 4 hours but I did it.
Would I do anything differently:  A good lesson.

The Basics: An Easy Guide to Beginning Quiltmaking by Kathy Delaney

Taught by Barbara R. at the Prairie Quilt Shops

Just a reminder, this unfinished quilt was photographed on an ottoman and may not appear square, but it is!