The Basics -- Ohio Star

I just finished my Basics Quilt Class.  Here's one of the squares I learned to construct ...

The square:  The Ohio Star
Why it's a Basic: it's a 9-patch construction with quarter square triangles
What I learned: more precise cutting.  I got better after the Dutchman's Revenge
What I like about this square: It felt like a breath of fresh air after that last block
What I don't like:  Do you see it?  Probably you saw it right away.  It took me creating this blog post to catch it.  Yep, on the right side the bow tie is placed incorrectly
Would I do anything differently: Not place the bow tie incorrectly.  Perhaps I'll fix it, or, perhaps I'll chalk it up to a learning experience and move on ...

The Basics: An Easy Guide to Beginning Quiltmaking by Kathy Delaney

Taught by Barbara R. at the Prairie Quilt Shops

Just a reminder, this unfinished quilt was photographed on an ottoman and may not appear square, but it is!