The Basics -- Double 4-Patch

I just finished my Basics Quilt Class.  Here's one of the squares I learned to construct ...
The square: Double 4-patch
Why it's a Basic: It's the 4-patch within the 4-patch
What I learned: more reinforcing of the basics
What I like about this square: it all came together.  It was sewing stuff I knew over and over and over
What I don't like:So, in the pink and brown gingham squares... I placed them wrong... the gingham should line up in a row
Would I do anything differently:I'd have realized I made the mistake. I could have take it out and started over, but I was so tired of taking seams out I didn't.  This is a learning quilt, and I'm okay with non-perfection.

The Basics: An Easy Guide to Beginning Quiltmaking by Kathy Delaney

Taught by Barbara R. at the Prairie Quilt Shops

Just a reminder, this unfinished quilt was photographed on an ottoman and may not appear square, but it is!