Twisting the Center

I learned a lot from my basics quilting class, but Twisting the Center is my favorite.  It happens when four corners meet in a middle.  It happens during ironing pressing the seams together: one presses the seam to set it then checks the back.

When the seams are properly aligned, they seem to just fall open.  Then, it's apparent which way to press the remaining seams.

And once they're pressed, it's a perfectly flat square!

Now, when we got to the more difficult blocks, Barb warned that not every square gets twisted in the middle.  Once this skill is conquered, it's sort of addicting.

Oh, and one presses the seams one doesn't iron.  It stretches the fabric and you will get in trouble with the quilting class teacher.    A good teacher knows how to get the point across.  It worked.

The Basics: An Easy Guide to Beginning Quiltmaking by Kathy Delaney